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HI We are a gaming group that has been around for 10+ years Only want too have a good time We on Xbox pc and other systems From racing shooters RPG and random Games

Welcome! If you are visiting feel free to register and browse through the forum and see if anything is new or you would like to comment on! Dont forget to join the chatbox and talk with your logal gamers! :Admin V:

:ADMIN:/> Welcome back! We just wanted to remind you whenever your socially active to always remind your fellow EG Members if they have not registered on the forum page to please do so! This is going to be the base of EG and a place for us all to meet if anything happens or if you need to come in contact with anyone for any reason. Thank you and game on! Admin V~

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EG Rules and Regs

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1 EG Rules and Regs on Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:08 pm


EG Rules

- NO harassment, sexism, racism, or discrimination of any kind
- Respect/treat others the way you would have them respect/treat you.
- No Modding of gaming console, game files, or direct manipulation of gaming without permission of the general
- members are not allowed to be members of any other organized gaming community without the aproval of
captian or higher. ..(Game-battles / PRO teams are exempt)

All Members have the Rights to speak there mind with out repocutions. (within the Rules of EG)

All member have the rights to Vote on any Modification that happen within EG....

All members have the right to have a Vote of removal of any member after talking to FIELD MARSHAL, Majors, and/or Brigadiers

To Band a Member (not Probie) MUST be voted on for at least 1 week before removal and must have broke the Rules of EG...

All Members have the rights to Vote on All promotions and Demotion of Ranked Members (Cpt & Higher)

All votes are a Majority Vote wins
(if there is a tie the FIELD MARSHAL (CLAN HEADS),  MAJORS (GAME TYPE HEADS), and BRIGADIER (top MEMBERS) well have a re-vote on the Topic)

There is no minimum time for promotions for full members (Probie time period always needs to be fulfilled)

All Members and Probies have the right to recruit new members. (Just remember only GUNNY (RECRUITERS) and up can approve new members..)

Recruiting Requirements

We are a mature gaming community looking for mature members, ages 17 and up.
Exceptions can be made for people 13 and up by approval of an Major with a Recruiter sponsorship

The only other exception for under age members are those people that are
family of an existing member. With the understanding that the "of age"
member is totally responsible for his/her family members actions.

new members 17 and up a 30 day minimum probation period is required to
get to know the membership and for the membership to get to know the new
For any other member under the age 17 the probation period
will last a minimum 45 days maxium 90 days and pending recruiting Enforcers, Captains, Majors and Recruiters approval.

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